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Coquí Froggy Earrings

Coquí Froggy Earrings

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Our bestseller and as seen on TikTok! These frog is based on an adorable little guy from our tropical island Puerto Rico, the coquí!

Stud & dangle style earring with a red and glittery hibiscus flower on top. Dangling from it, our adorable coquí with our flag dangling on its tummy.


  • Matte Mustard 1/8 Acrylic
  • Red Glitter 1/8 Acrylic
  • Wood
  • 8mm Jumpring
  • Stainless Steel Studs


1.5 in

Care Guide

❣︎ DO NOT place pieces near hot surfaces, this can cause the material to melt, burn and/or ruin the pieces.

Jewelry Cleaning :

❣︎ If dirty, gently wash with warm water or a wet paper towel/wet wipe. Alcohol works as well, use moderately.

❣︎ For wood items, we recommend only paper towels, since wood is a more delicate material that can get ruin with excessive exposure to water.

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